ConSurf analysis of human PTPs
Given a structure file and an alignment of homologous sequences, the ConSurf server maps phylogenetic information onto protein tertiary structure to identify putative functional regions. (See the section on Bioinformatics Links).

ConSurf analysis suggests unique functions for PTP domains D1 and D2 and identifies conserved residues at the interface

To map conservation scores onto protein structure, we submitted to the ConSurf server a ClustalW alignment of 63 full-length tandem domain (D1D2) sequences and the X-ray crystal structure of LAR (PDB identifier: 1LAR). The output file from the server was colored according to its ConSurf scores (i.e. the b-values in the pdb file) using PyMol and the script (histogram mode).

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Fig. 6 | Fig. 6A | Fig. 6B | Fig. 6C | Fig. 6D

We provide the session files of the analysis for simple viewing on a PC or Mac (requires PyMol installation). For comparison, the scores are colored in ramp mode (see the script for details).

Fig. 6A | Fig. 6B | Fig. 6C

Also we provide a Zip file of the script used to generate Figure 6A-C (Methods 2005).